Friday, 12 October 2012


So, here's the latest: After an exhaustive investigation, we have concluded it's most likely that Walker is at a secret hideaway on a private island near Costa Rica.  He spends his time practising his martial arts skills, reading high-brow paperbacks and contemplating how to finish Brendan off for good next time.....

Yes - hurray, it's Ninja!Walker. I don't know about you, but we thought it was a bit mean of the 'Later' folks to tease us with a tantalising glimpse of the awesome sight that is Ninja!Walker, but then have him going after Brendan's nearest and dearest with a mere gun.  Frankly, we felt a tiny bit cheated.

Admittedly we did love the sexy wide-stanced gun-pointing, but we can't help feeling a vague sense of disatisfaction that we never got to see him unsheathe his sword.

Now obviously here at the Brady Lounge we do not like to think about the end o' Brendo; we'd happily watch him strutting around the village until he's drawing his pension and wearing beige polyester slacks and velcro-fasten shoes.  But that's not going to happen, so when his time does come to make a dramatic exit, we are pushing for Death by Ninja.  (We feel it's what has been missing from soaps thus far).

Oh, and in case you are now trying to picture pensioner were we.

Thumbs up for pension credit.
(Not our finest work perhaps, but it turns out ageing people convincingly is a lot harder than turning them into hot cops.)
But now back to Walker...and we aren't ready to say goodbye to him just yet. So, The Brady Lounge now pays tribute to Walker in the best way we know how....with gratuitous fakey pictures: 

We know a few of you rather liked SexyCop!Brendan a while ago, and hey, Walker actually is a cop, so....

Nice. I don't think too many of us would be resisting arrest if he got his baton out.

Depending on your tastes though, you might prefer brassy-but-classy

Strangely alluring. 

And least glamorous of all, but I couldn't's Walker!Walker..


And sadly, that's it for !Walker. We had a couple of other ideas, but we got a bit distracted and ended up making a lovely Naked-Emmett pen pot instead (terrific, isn't it....decorative and useful!...)

But I digress.  The time really has come for us to bid a teary-eyed final farewell to the wonderful Walker....
we miss you already!

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